Mom's 52nd birthday

On my mom's birthday, We went to Canton-i Sunway Pyramid for dinner. Many people don't like Canton-i for some reason. But After I ate it, I love it!

My Prawn One Ton Meeeeee


Cha xiu chee cheong fun

This is some egg custard thing. You got to try this. Inside is a land filled with flowing egg yolk and egg white.

Ahhhh their egg tart is also awesome.

This is just about the disappointing thing that I've tasted there. This is called the Seven Fairies. It looked awfully dull and tasted like water.

Instead, order yourself one of these. They looked colourful and tasted awesome!

Ok that's me dad and mom

A family picture...

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frachely said...

the egg custard thingy looks so cute! and the egg tarts look tasty too!!

eh u were wearing the same color as ur mom hehe