You know, I love dying for Christ, but using that to describe my leadership style isn't quite as comprehensive. No, more so if you're the only one in 44 person in class who falls into that category.

On Monday we did a quiz on leadership style. You know like those annoying quizzed on what Harry Potter are you. Only this is real-er. And the questions were super tough. There are a few leadership qualities and I got Martyred as highest.

  1. The leader places an extreme emphasis on the necessity of the leader's role in the organization, on task orientation, and on safeguarding the organization's structure.
  2. The martyr attempts to maintain control by producing feelings of guilt and/or pity. The psychological forces which combine to make one a Martyr leader are:
    • A strong need to control.
    • A need to be revered.
    • A need to overwork (thus producing guilt and pity)
    • A basic concept that the group can never do the job well enough.
  3. The Martyr does more of the work than is appropriate, thus denying the group opportunity to experience effectiveness and to develop a healthy self-image.
  4. The message communicated by this leader's behaviour is, "You can't do anything without me, and I'm already doing it all."
  5. The leader is often given to all exaggerated opinion of his/her own value to the organization and of the quality of his/her decisions and work. He will attempt to control all decisions. (OK THIS IS SO NOT ME)

This, in short and JTY's translation is = EMO LEADER.

However, given circumstances, This is a learned behaviour which means I can adopt/change if I needed to. But because I based my thoughts on youth leadership. Martyrdom it is.


Anonymous said...

its not 100% coorect la the test. but you're right its learnt behaviour. so you can change. :) JL

Joleen said...


i wan to do the test aso lol