Who is going?

This is the MOST ANNOYING sms reply anyone could get.

Ok, maybe not the most annoying but annoying enough. It's like you asked a couple of people whether they want to go movie or just hanging out that's the 1st reply usually people will ask.

Like... HELLO? I asked the question that means I am going. Is that fact not enough for you? Why do you want to know WHO ELSE is going? Am I not a 'who'?



frachely said...

it means "YOU" alone is not good/attractive enough for them to come out la hahhaa time to do some reflection hahah

Anonymous said...

joe agrees, i think its the most annoying question.]]

Joleen said...

i always ask that question.

to me it is practical to know who is goin n joining lol.. so that i will not be left out sometimes. haha..

i hate to be lonely :P