To member or not to member...

Membership is a very very hard topic but I guess it is still a topic that needed to be addressed. From Day-1 until today of Membership, it has brought nothing but argumentative. The fire never cease from both end.

Of course putting aside that they presented in a very bad way, I think it is worth a 2nd look. We can join membership for everything else (facebook, myspace, GSC cinema, google, flickr, plurk, twitter, friendster, msn, skype yada yada yada...) but when it comes to membership of church HOOHAA happens.

I've asked a few person why they don't want to join membership their answer is mostly, I don't see a reason why I need to become a member... What if you're required to join to become member? Would you have joined? When we join Chinese Society, Ping Pong, Leo etc, do we fill in our membership application? Yes we do. But wait a sec, I don't have to sign to show my commitment to our society. Yes we know. But we still want you to fill anyway.

Yes we can argue that the church is not a club, it belongs to God. Yes, all these are true. But there is always the legalistic side of it. If you don't already know, churches are registered as Non-government organization in Malaysia and by that we actually do need to have a legal aspect to it like constitution, rules and regulations and also members. We also need to hold an annual AGM because that is what is given by the government actually.

But that's just about it you know. We always need to look 2 side of the coins. Why can't we just worship God like in the days of old? Yes we can. Members or not we still can worship God... no? Membership makes life easier let people see that we are committed.

But I don't want la to follow the rules of men. I follow only God. Well, Jesus did tell to the Isrealites then to make thithe to God and also at the same time, pay the taxes to the romans. In a sense, can we because we are Christian ignore the government? No, we still obey their rules right? so that is why I think since it is no harm taking up membership, take it. After all, you can cancle your membership if you don't feel like it anymore.


Joleen said...

In my church, membership is a must in order to serve on Sunday. :)

For me well i guess is OK to set certain standard on worship team well Coz is a way to show our commitment to God Just like in Old days, priests are selected only from their tribe and they are the only one can run the noble duty. But however I think maybe will be very hard to implement at the beginning coz your church didn't practice that before.

I guess instead of arguing. Rather i think is better it to be implement it maybe much later but putting or teaching or giving thoughts to your people about the reason why need to join as members for some times first

takes time ..


Just my opinion. No offense hehehe

Anonymous said...

well said joleen :)