Terminator Salvation... and Evolution

'The end begins'

I absolutely lover TERMINATOR series yes we grew with TERMINATOR and really loved it when I watched The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Yes it is the TV series with much to tell deeply about the existence of robot taking over mankind and how the human fought it. The last few episode of Terminator is so captivating that it is almost impossible to come out with a better story telling and it just made Terminator Salvation an even more beawsome show! Which is a must watch!

Anyway after watching the show I also had a deep thought about the subject of evolution. You see if Terminator were real, I believe so is evolution. Something had to evolve to robots of the future with artificial intelligence right?

So here you go my version of evolution and bots.

Moral of the story is, support neither! We don't want bots to rule us!

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