Family Day 2009

I am such a procrasinator. Ok I shall rush my post haha.

We had family day at Bukit Jalil and this time, it was way lessor people than we had couple of months ago and it wasn't as fun because everyone's cramp up in one small hut. As usual the boys will forgo all food and play sports. The girls walks around and force me to take photos.

Felicia Christine Cassie Gio

The Macha

The Camwhorer



Carmen and Yeelyn

Who shot this? Hmm

I shot some Holga but it isn't really awesome because there's plenty of light leaks (more on that later)

Awesome holga haha. Gives unexpected result as expected.

Then next I was slaved into taking pictures haha but what the heck. I didn't care la I had beawesome time shooting pics because the grass is green sky is blue and most of all the DSLR kinda performed well under such condition. Seriously, look how clear each pictures are...

Then just walk around shoot pics of models

With the Chinese New Year album pose

Jump shot!

Then later that afternoon, I decided to bring the youths go and lepak kat ONE U. We watched Wolverine which was awesome but could be beawesome Shinny metal claws haha

Christine and James Soh with their food pose?

Erm Felicia and her usual I am darlie's ambassador pose and Joe

Peter Parker with John Connor (Out of focus pulak)

Then Christine shopped and we bosan and Joe tandas.

Erm then we sneaked into photobooth machines and used my camera instead. Haha Cheapos.

And one last group photo...

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frachely said...

"force me to take pic" mwahahhahaha ur born to do this la

the CNY album photo super funny hahhahahahha