Camp was awesome.

It wasn't MACRO awesome. It is just Micro awesome. Nevertheless, awesome.

It wasn't like a big burning fire, but it was a small campfire fire.

On the day of the camp itself, I got a tingling feeling that it is gonna be awesome services and all and it is! The speaker was Rev Teo Kwee Keng and really she's the bomb. She speaks like a unstoppable train at a Jet Speed like. I can't concentrate during her sermons because the constant ringing in my ears means its very drowsy. On all services, I wished she'd just jump into prayer mode right away.

But that wasn't the case. I suppose a cold engine can't be engaged immediately. It needs some warm oil and warm up time. The series of sermon is awesome it is like going from stage 1 to stage 100.

The response to the altar is slow. 1st altar call only a handful. 2nd altar call only 5 went and 3rd altar call was only 3. Dang talk about cold engine. We challenged the youth to go up to the altar. Only few dared to take the 1st step. But that was encouraging to those who took the 1st step!

Still it was good. I hope more went in the end.

We hung out a lot at night too. Of course the 1st night was like scattered. The 2nd night was good though they stomp into my room when I was asleep. Then they kept everyone awake till 1:30 in the morning. It was like what?

But it was good because we had new friends with us that does not come youth previously like EMILY! JACKY! JOLYN ok jolyn comes to youth ahaha but she stayed back despite her family returned home hehe. Good choice!


Alright. I shall update the Christine related stuff like tonight and yea clearing post but too busy edit pics so yea sorry!

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