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Ok I am doing a free advertising here -.- But this is something that YOU shouldn't LIVE WITHOUT

Ok if you haven't got yourself an google account, Please jump off the bridge. Kidding. I mean how could you not have google account. It is the one account to RULE THEM ALL! Honestly, get a google...

Anyway google reader eats on RSS feeds
I am not going to tell you what is RSS feeds... you can go read about that.

Google reader is like your mailbox but instead of emails you get BLOGS post! Now, you'll never miss a post ever again!

Ever dislike your slow blogging friend that only post one article per few months? And you keep clicking on your friends link everyday to see if there is any update from your friend? Not anymore! Google reader will alert you whenever a blog is publish!

As you can see I have 1 unread from Joleen, 1 from Cassie, 1 From Joash and 3 from Kim

So that is a huge huge help that I don't have to go to every single blog everytime. More so when alot of friends update once a month.

Not only that. I also use it to follow some news blog or cartoon or everything RSSable

Like Calvin and Hobbes cartoon
Or advertising around the world

Or Daily Photo Journal

Or gadget / software news

All in which keeps me entertain when I am bored. Of course there are plenty more cool blogs but I only use it to manage those I love and not like oh heck! I haven't visited this and this website.

Subscribe to any feed is easy just click add subsription above and tada you're done. Its easy to organize too.

Best of all, you can email to friend, Add star (bookmark it) or just simply Share with your google account friend within and they can read it by clicking shared items

Neat huh? I think it is!

Oh and if you don't see your blog most likely your blog do not support RSS as some of you fancy on using crazy templates from elsewhere. Go research on how to actually insert an RSS.

Ok going to read some feeds.

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