The Nehemiah's love for home.

We all know Nehemiah is an awesome guy so awesome that under him, he actually build the entire wall of Jerusalem in 52 days. That's erm slightly more than a month. That's like yeah awesome. If you think that the wall he build is just the wall to seperate your house from your neighbour house, then you're so wrong.

The wall is what you normally see in Chinese drama / movie where the it has a gate for people to come in and out. Or think of something like LOTR or medieval kinda stuff where they have battle and everyone needs to charge into.

Of course Nehemiah's wall have been destroyed and erm it is still being digged out. But more than that it is Nehemiah's passion for home that is truly surprising.

I am not going to go through the entire story of Nehemiah here but you can go read it on your own here

But the entire story was that Nehemiah grew up in a different country in fact, his dad and grandfather grew up in other country (As captives and slaves) and when he heard that Jerusalem has no walls, He submitted his annual leave application to the king and went to Jerusalem to build walls.

Thanks to the group presentation on Nehemiah which Jon mentioned something funny as a joke but that joke was really good. He ask how many of us would go back to China now and go rebuild the wall of China? No right?

That's a good point you see. Most of us well at least I would think me won't do it. Afterall we're all Malaysians now although our roots are in China. I am also the 3rd (or 4th) Generation of Chinese that came to this soil.

And that's what stand out in Nehemiah. He went back having a passion for the home that he did not grew up in. Such passion is much to die for.

Now here comes the catch of my point

Whenever I knew people are leaving, I have always (or not) say to them remember where your home is. Of course that being said, I knew more often than not they are gonna go there study and subsequently work there and apply for PR and eventually changing citizenship.

Afterall the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. For one, given opportunity, I don't even know I would return. Of course it is said there is no place better than home but most would just stay on. Afterall they are closer to the culture elsewhere comparing to culture back home.

And I find the below statement true...

You don't have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them.
- Ray Bradbury

So, for my friends who is living overseas now, always remember where home is. And there is truely no place like home.

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