Jenn's Birthday!

Alright I know this is super late but I am really trying my best.

I try to keep one post per day active and yea so I just do it slowly? Somedays I am more thoughtful somedays I need to rant and somedays I am nonsense, but today is photo day! and I became more rajin and added caption in the photo once again. I'll see if that is to my liking? I don't know you judge!

So we were in this place called TJ haus which erm I did not take any photo of the signboard but it is rather easy to find in SS18 Subang. You can click here for the map.

Before the foodie arrives

Yeah Jenn looked sick. That's coz she is kinda. Haha

While waiting for the rest, we took a group pic ourselves 1st

Jenn's Salmon something I can't remember

Their 'chiu pai' food the Crispy Duck. I don't like duck. But this one tasted good.

This is my Mango Chicken Pasta. Verdict, DON'T ORDER. It is not great and not filling.

I malas go round take foodies so yea I just took what's in my range.

Me and Jo

Ze SU gangsters.


Aha! Speech time!

Oh yea if you expect to give surprise, don't come here I heard they spoil surprises.

And one final shot before we call it a day! =)

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