Down to 10

SPM is down to 10 subjects. That's the maximum number of subject in which a SPM candidate can sit in. That includes 6 core subjects. While I can see many parents are beginning to get furious, PIBG making tons of noise, I, LOVE IT!

Part of the reason is, there is so much more fairness in the society now, No not just helping particular race, is helping the entire student world altogether. Come on, having taking pure science still not enough, must take accounts, econs, arts, religion, art... etc etc.

Yes I am stepping on a lot of toes especially parents. I think parents got it all wrong. Forcing kids to study hard is wrong. Yes there must be certain amount of pressure on studying. Yes everyone must excel. I love it when Pastor Peter said it the other day accept your kid for who they are. Don't compare with other children.

What parents fail to realise, is that chanelling their energy to something more beneficial like say, helping the kid to decide what path to choose in career to their own strenght and liking is very important. Not just force them into business because they make good money out of it. Or some other engineering course or doctors or anything like that because that's our dream and we didn't live it so my kid will live it for me.

Selfishness will one day put people down. Yes even your own kid.

Most of the time in class I did not pay attention. I know, I am not an excellent student. But what's more important to me is that, I chosen my career path way before I entered a stream and I worked towards that. I thanked my parents for supporting me even though my mom had asked me to go into business a couple of times.

I love art. I love creating, drawing, shooting. But many of my friends didn't end up the same. They changed college many times and when I was working, they were still in college doing some business course. In fact, in my college, I met a lot of people who are 26, 27, 28 and yet they have not stepped out to the working world yet they still trying their likings out.

So will the government succeed in pulling off this trick? 10 subjects? That's pretty hard. I took 9 subjects for my SPM... And that includes bible knowledge which I scored high. But hey, I was very lazy in school, I wasn't competitive. My dad brought me to watch movie a day before SPM started. Cool? you bet! I think I just have a very awesome family. My brother skip accounts paper in SPM to go for youth camp. He is even scarier.

So it will be interesting to see that more and more parents might just send their kids to private school from now on. Afterall it is easier because they can acustom to the USA culture beforehand.

Awesome? Awesome!

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