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Yes I know, we have been on this D.I.S.C personality thingy for like since forever, But it is easily one of my favourite things to talk about now. If you haven't do the DISC test before and want to do it, look for me.

Again, not gonna explain so much into it, you can read about it, here but to briefly understand I am gonna tell you what they stand for,

D - Dominant
I - Influential
S - Steadiness
C - Compliance

I happen to have a very high S and C but S comes first. What we must understand though is that this does not give us the power to label people and give them a chop on their forehead. This is to help us to work better as a team and know where to look for to form a team. And using everyone's strenght to achieve a common goal.

This is also not for us who know our personality type to say "I am like this, I can't change" which I have heard many many times. But coming back...

My team in Bible College is exactly doing that. They comprises of me being S and 3 C and a D. The D generally gives the idea more idea and suggestion than the rest and the C will work it out. They are super awesome in terms of detailing and things like that. They can decypher informations that are enourmously huge and come out with something presentable and me being me, I supported all the way LOL.

But honestly this team is just too capable that I who usually being there and say something in the team just kept quiet until I presented of course. =) And I think we did beawesomely well thus far in presentation. Everything was just so detailed and structured that my gosh I could have never done it. We presented Joshua leadership profile and it was just AMAZING! If I learn a great deal out of DISC, I learn a greater deal out of teamwork!

That was random but it still was beawesome!

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Joleen said...

hahaha.. awesome!~

i knoe ur very very happy about it =)