Transformers 2

I watched it on 23 of June. Many asked how on earth did we watched it earlier? Well they screened it earlier so we watch it!

Micheal Bay and his awesomeness just does not stop! I think he probably loves to destroy things. Ok no spoilers allowed here. But here's a fun fact.

I thought our technology have improved over the years and so should the movie. While the movie is awesome, the total space transformers 2 took was 145 Terabytes. 1 Terabyte = 1000GB yeap so it is 145000GB worth of disk space. It can fill 35,000 piece of regular DVD. Dang!

Animations need to be rendered (it is how animation are 'saved' well sort of) check it. If a modern home PC (I mean modern as in PC made within a year ago) render the entire tf2 movie, it need to do so 16,000 YEARS ago to finish it today. Now that's mind boggling isn't it?

To me, it is. In fact, Some machines rendering the transformers in IMAX format actually exploded while rendering. Man. Animation ain't cheap dude... it ain't!

But above all, no one could have done it other than Bay. Who shot Bad Boys II, The Island, And some awesome movie. But did you know he didn't grew up with Transformers toys or cartoon and thought it was lame to do such a show in the first place? Now see what it became. Monsterous!

More news (or possibly spoilers) can be found on Michael Bay's Website at

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