Christine @ Airport

Ok so, 1stly, we've finished SKYTREKKING! click the link if you want to find out more.

It was gruesome, awesome, tiring, and awesome. For those who missed it, nvm, we will go again. Someday... and No, I did not bring my camera because its too big. But I took a lot of pictures with Cassie's camera and hopefully that goes up erm somewhere end of July.

Part of the reason why I blogged so slow is because it does brings back memories when you do it slower. It's like food tasting. You don't swallow everything in this case upload all to FB at once and you appreciate food more.

Fore now, there's really not much to show except for some (actually alot of group pictures so I'll just do comment if necessary.

Was the title necessary, yes it is haha

If you ask why the heck I didn't put your picture in, Its simple, I've put it in Facebook! ahah You can go there and see by....

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