Tim Hughes!

Ok this was dated 19 may 09.

Worship central event wasn't really like concert, it was acutally like a workshop kinda thing and they try to form some kinda community kinda thing. Tim Hughes was one of the committee in this worship central.

We went there and there wasn't a lot of people but it was kinda filled. Overall the experience was great because halfway in the middle they conducted like teaching kinda thing.

Hmm, I personally think that the worship spirit in Malaysia has died. It came when I was a youth and then it left without us knowing. The audience was really quiet and they were stuck to their feet hands to the side. There were only a handful of mosh-pit crowd. God, what's happening?

Partly also it was due to the fact that there wasn't any lighting 'ambiance' no anticipation like 'give your loudest cheer to Tim Hughes' He just walked up stage took the mic, talk a few stuff and went into worship. I suppose this is also what he wanted to do, and he is humble at that.

Ok pictures. Due to the fact there wasn't nice lighting and horrible background, I decided it look best in B+W

The one beside him is Al-Gordon. Another worship leader in his church.


Tim Hughes with guitarist. Singing his famous song - Here I am to worship.

More Tim

And more Tim

The Bassist (No idea what name hehe)

The Drummer (No name also. But I think he is Mike Pilavacci's son coz he looks like him?)

Took some random shot after that

Another random shot

I can't stand Malaysian's churches' law on photography. LoL. OK I get it there's some legal issue involve but that limits the creativity no?

Again photography is illegal and security guards are walking up and down warning people not to shoot. Their face were quite ganas. LOL. Again, I did not care ;) and I didn't get caught this time haha getting pro at this.

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