The sermon today was about how King Hezekiah when he ruled Judah, He was a righteous King.

We all love the stories of kings and especially those that had the tag - 'he did what was right in the eyes of the Lord' and we'll go YEEEEEEAH! that's the way to go King Hezekiah!

Looking at the twist of it, How many of us REALLY want to live in the times of Hezekiah? We could be bored out because all the little gods in our lives would be snatched away. For real. The stuff he did was sure to angered the citizens using bulldozers rambling through the temples, idols, in the whole nation.

Look at it this way, given today's time, let's say you're voted as a king or prime minister in this land given the highest power, do what king Hezekiah did? Would you kill every little small 'god' in lives of people? entertainments, media and every little things that meant a lot to people.

True, we are democratic and to do that means we need to be dictator and for that it is what the communist countries are actually doing. To get people under control and like it or not, to certain extend, that helps.

What about you? what you think?

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