What is it that you want?

Over the past few course, I have see and decided on several things. One is to get to a direction or to somewhere while looking for some new breed of leaders.

I've talked to a friend of mine and ask whether she's interested in it. I got the response, I have no passion in it. Ah-hah! That is the key element. The passion that drives people to do work to do what God has asked us to do. Well, I am sadden by that fact that it is so hard to find passion for Christ.

The servant-hood that Christ has painstakingly came to teach us is no longer an important factor in our lives. We are focused on getting church chores done we come to church to 'work' for the weekend, doing same things that drives us crazy on the inside. Part of it is the church is dry. For some reason it has withered and die. Although we are called to live on Solid Rock but for that the community is important. It is that community that drove the people of ACTS to a higher level.

I am not going to talk about this any longer but A new beginning is about to start and believe me, it will start WELL! and hopefully, end WELL!


Allen Tan 陈亚伦 said...

That is how many christians are proven anemic. No wonder God has to use disasters to shake us.

We will lose everything we are passionate then.

So, might as well have passion for Christ which is unshakable.

Joleen said...

reasons of people got no interest

1. Don't see the importance doing it,
2. don see importance coz don't see benefit of doin it coz been seeing you doing it and it turns out really tiring n dry?
3. don't see benefit doing it is might be no one doin this for them before? or
4. their needs doesn't been met.
5. don have a real mentor that really touching their lives.

jus my opinion =)