Malacca (Again)

Ok I know what happen to my determination to blog? Everyday I have excuses. AHA! check out my flickr. It is so not updated haha

A few of us went to Malacca before our church camp commence in Port Dickson. I had some fun. Mostly shooting and I wandered off myself at one point because the rest are shopping. I would post them up the next post. For now, its Part 1! OK no caption in photos because too many of em'

By the way, All these pictures were shot using my brother's 18-250mm lens which is awesome for travelling. I dialed down all saturation in all pictures to suit the rainy mood haha.

We had Nyonya food (Again)

Andrew and Cassie

Assam laksa that I did not ordered

Complete your meal with cendol is always the trick in Malacca

Saw some nyonya wedding when we left the shop

Jonker 88 is awesome cendol shop. We did not enter

Uninteresting Tiles

Old granny texting

Some ICE workers disrupting traffic

Interestingly Jonker owners are becoming anti photo shooting because everywhere you see those annoying few words.

Chopper across the street

Digi Trishaw... very smart of Digi

9 Degree's juices. I almost bought all of them because they looked pretty


Erm. Gio's feet

I love super tele lens. Dosen't this looks like it belonged to some gossip mag haha

Old Malacca buildings are gems


Mee Sua rider

Fish Maw seller

Trishaw rider

Whoever is lee baba.

AH love couple tee. Hmm where did I see it before. AHA! Bangkok

The gang from across the street

To sum it all for the 1st part. A guai lo wearing I love Malaysia just says it all =)


frachely said...

it's a Baba with the surname Lee!

eh the bottles very nice!

angeliCassie said...

why i look so ugly Y.Y

giovana@banana said... too!