Street Protest that works

In recent street protest, It caught the attention of the government and please note that, Yes it does work and 2 nothing will ever change = efforts are going to waste.

Najib's view of the street protest was rather odd. Usually the silent man won't even go about talking to the media about useless things like that and pretend nothing happens unless he is talking about 1Malaysia. If you don't already know the protest was to abolish ISA, now you know. I wasn't there. I couldn't care less because I though it is just another gimmick that simply, won't work.

There's 2 things here. 1) The people got the attention of Najib by street protesting and Najib urge ppl not to take part because it will bring bad name to the tourism industry and sorts. 2) Najib couldn't care less by his comment - We will give them stadiums to hold their protest and let them shout until they are hoarse till dawn but don't take it to the streets. Notice how that response mean. They couldn't care less if people went hoarse because at the end of the day, they want the effort to goes to waste.

If the closing airport works for Thailand, why can't it work here? In fact, ours are consider mild compare to the people of Thais!

DR.M also commented that street protest is not our culture, there are other ways to resolve issue. Well, is there? Parliament Bills, Blogs, Posters, And no one from the up above gave their comments about ISA well except for Pak Lah which on 2 occasion mention that 1) he is happy that when Najib was installed as a prime minister, he release the 5 hindraf leaders and his comment was "GOOD! I hope more will be release in time to come" and on another occasion he mentioned - "I hope one day ISA will be abolished" like what? like seriously you could do that when you were in power.

Well yea, getting back no one reacted to the different situation, Parliament, Blogs Posters and interviews and just one act of street walk get all the top guns to react. Effective? Yeap!

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Allen Tan 陈亚伦 said...

BN minimize the crowd that 5000 ppl participated. The right figure is >20000!

Then BN maximize the loss that RM100 mil were gone. The rally will cost nothing if the govt allowed ppl for peaceful walk.

Well you know how RM200 mil came to calculation? 1, 5000 police were deployed. 2, tons of taer gas were fired. 3, many trucks with water canons rolled on the streets. 4, many roads were closed unnecessarily. 5, almost 600 were arrested. Tell me who wasted the treasury?