Tanah tumpahnya darahku

A lyrics that is that violent to think graphically. But how many of us really meant what we sing when it comes to that?

It means the land in which my blood are spilled. With people throwing their citizenships and getting PRs, I don't think we are serious about that. Someone once told me that it will take Malaysia another 30 years to really be free and move on. I believe that is true. But who's gonna do it? An Obama? Hopefully.

Happy 52nd Merdeka!


frachely said...

A policy that claims that this is a multi-racial country, constantly promoting racial harmony, yet at the same time bestowing special rights to certain race just won't work.

Obviously the main purpose of having 'racial harmony' is to make their work easier.

Too hypocritical.

It'd be better if they just claim that this is a ONE-race country and the rest are just foreigners.

They can either learn from Thai and Indonesia in the past whereby all chinese become a thai or indon, speak their language, and having a thai/indon name.

Or they should learn from SG, though chinese are more mainstream in terms of media and all but at least the gov provide the same thing to all races.

Allen Tan 陈亚伦 said...

The Chinese, in a way, are fortunate when unfair policies deprived our rights. We struggle to make survival. Subsequently we became more competitive.

But the Malays who got the tongkat from the UMNOputras lost competitiveness. They are only one lingual. Look at the Chinese, multi-lingual. Q: Who actually fare better locally as well as abroad?