Tear Down The Walls

Those were the brave words of our current PM on Merdeka day in conjunction of 1Malaysia. In the sub-line it says that we must rebuild the bridge between races that our forefather's have built.

But on the same weekend, the march with the cow's head was held in Shah Alam regarding the relocating the hindu temple to a neighbourhood called Section 23a

Watch the youtube

What was really really stupid was that the residence couldn't defend each other. When asked about the cow's head, one of them says it is brought by individual who is angry it is not his doing. He don't know who is that individual. And says yes relocation will bring problems like that in individual. Hello? knock knock.

But finaly questions was this. Where were the police and the FRU? There were none because we are not BN.

Truly, the wall can not be be torn down. At least not in another decade or so because clearly it is separated not only by the colour of our skins, but also who do we pray to...

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