Trademarking food.

If you don't already know, our wonderful tourism minister Dr. NG YEN YEN has made a move to 'trademark' some of the Malaysian food... “We cannot continue to let other countries hijack our food." says her. Alright then, is it ok for us to hijack sushi, beef patties, dim sum, fish and chips and salsa sos? Obviously this kind of statement is very kiasu and not thought off. It will start an international debate and copyrights of food all over the world and then we will have to pay premium to sell it? And we will be seen as one idiot nation just like how we prove that Teh Tarik can be drank in space. Luckily, that idea was abandon.

But now again, a stupid move. I mean hello? Don't we already know where those food came? Now Singapore is outraged that they did not have anything to trademark. LOL. Claiming the best food is theirs.

To get to where Singapore is my friend, is to 1st build the nation up to Singapore standard which is being the 1st world. How you trademark a dish? You simply can't! Unless you find the original creator and trademark each dishes. I can imagine that one day she'll announce that all original creator can apply by filling in forms LOL!
Then again, that would mean that they will have to surrender the original recipe. All in all, this is stupid!

Ok fine, I may be bias coz I am from Malaysia but let's here from the world renown food critic that appears on TV shall we and we shall put to rest all this war between Singapore and Malaysia.

Well said Kanye! Well said. I am agreeing with you the 1st time!

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