The scariness of connectivity.

Yesterday there was an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.6 that is pretty huge considering a Major earthquake. By the time the shock reached here, it was probably down to 3.0++

I work on the 3rd floor. I was having a headache before the quake and subsequently felt my table shake. I wasn't paying much attention as I thought it was Kevin who shook his table. Until he asked if I shaked the table. Later I saw sms saying cyberjaya had the same thing. I knew it was an earthquake. But how? where? when? Is it true?

The answer is... TWITTER! correct! nothing gives you information like those little birds do. I 'trending topic' earthquake and guess what? Everywhere in indo, singapore, KL... report the quake incident.

Look at the yellow thingy there. Within seconds the number kept going up. 1000 new post 2000+ new post... Like seriously, it travel faster than any other media. Global scale. It's just like how last time people use runners and post to tell news this is like faster and wider.

And within minutes we've got the answer through geographical department in US reporting 7.9 magnitude.

So. how to survive a quake? Use twitter!

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