I GOT A DEGREEEEE in something you don't!

As subjective as 'art' can be, I paid 60k for a degree for it and thus that made me a professional in my field (at least says the certificate)

I accept criticism with open heart if my design got rejected or maybe it is not up to standards. I accept them with open heart. But I can't accept it if the clients keep telling me to do this do that, put that colour here put that colour there, try this, try that... I know everyone wants to be a designer secretly but come on'!

Do you walk up to a dentist and say hey erm dentist, I think you should use that tool instead of the one you're holding now and oh, when you spray, maybe you can try holding that way instead of this way. Could you also flatten my teeth I think its bulging too much. Oh I think you should try pulling out my teeth maybe it'll look better.


You don't walk up to a mechanic and teach him what to do with your engine because you don't have a degree in which you can take apart the engine and put it back.

Like wise, like wise.

The worst is that when all is said and done plus 10x changes to the design, they want back the 1st ever design. It is always like this.

This is not just a culturer or erm Malaysian way this is the way people look at design. It's no right, no wrong.

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