(500) days of summer

This is a B class movie means it's not a very big production, very huge hollywood flick, (Think Juno....) type. Thus it is only screened in Sunway Pyramid

Should you watch it? YES go this is a very funny flick and totally random. Zooey is kinda gonna be a favourite of mine soon. Though her style is weird. (Think Natalie Community Channel).

Anyway go catch it soon before it fades away. Joe... you should go watch it if you're reading this because this movie is like made for you. In fact when I was watching it I was like this girl should have been Joe's GF. Bet you'll like her very much.



Daniel T said...

Watched this one, two thumbs up!

Anonymous said...

haha didnt you know i love zooey very much? justash joash lol. too bad she's married. should've been me. lol.