There's a time for everything

The wise Solomon has realise that in his dying age. That is tragic. But again it help build us up.

Right now my time is probably in verse 6 - a time to search and a time to give up. From searching now I give up. I have always tried to search for a solution for an effective reaching out to teenagers. But all is at vain. Nothing deem workable. Is it me? Or is it the culture of it all? My search has come to an end. I only can do this much. Time to give up.

For once though, it is almost happy to see that they are like a tree planted by the streams of water while I am not sure with the 2nd part, Like a solid tree they are planted. Nothing you do can uproot what has been planted.

A season to give up. A season to let it all go. In all Solomon's wisdom, he still can't compare to God's foolishness. What more us who probably only 30% of Solomon's wisdom.

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