Creation in the language of progamming

I love smart metaphor and argumentations. In this case I've just came back after visiting my boss' First born. 

He is a diehard programmer. So naturally everything it is easier to link back to programming.

Looking at babies have always been a facination to me. They are so fragile when they are born. Yet they came from 2 cells that with our eyes we can't even see them. It's magic. 

Our discussion on this magical thing that happen soon was interesting. It was soon linked to his favourite topic which is 'intelligent design' in short, it is a theory that oppose evolution yet does not fully acknowledge God is the 'creator'

Yet us humans are form in a serial of codes. We were programme. Design by and with intelligence. and our DNA is the code/language that wrote us. 

Now I know this is going to be very confusing. Every programme in this world began with a code/language. Take for example if u open a facebook page, right click it and select 'view sourc' you will see bunch of gibberish text like 'JavaScript' etc etc that you think is nonsense. But in reality that is how website is written. With codes. It allows facebook to function like facebook. 

And this are languages that are painfully coded by humans for humans. To code, we call it encode. But there must be something to decode them so that you don't see gibberish you will see a nice facebook page. 

In this case the decoder is your browser 'internet explorer' or 'firefox' just like why they call the astro box a decoder. It decodes the whatever gibberish that was sent over the air. It's sort of like sender and receiver.  

Now it came to the punchline. He ask if we are encoded, who or what is the decoder? Then If there is really a creator, what then is our purpose that we were coded? 

Wow! Simple terms maybe not for you but for a programmer it totally makes sense. Well to put it simply the decoder has to be God! No other reason. What's the purpose we are coded? So that we will worship him! 

Our DNA are coded with a single purpose and that's who we should be. In our everything. We were made. We were created to worship. 

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