Horatio Caine

I love CSI tv show especially CSI:Miami because of Horatio. Now they say to be the best you learn from the best. I love Horatio simply because he is cool and more like an S type of personality which is calm and stabil.

What is NOT to like when you are cool, drives a hummer, look away when talking and putting on sun glasses and using all one-liners and walks away before others can answer?. When you watch all of the open of CSI you'll know just look at this compilation. You'll get sick

Oh look what I've found

That was totally SPOT ON! Good job Jim!

I can do this all day~

Besides that. I love Horatio because he has a combination of D and S type of personality. He always act fast and sure will get to the bottom of the case but at the same time he is calm. Awesome!

He is also super good at convincing kids. Every episode with a kid in it will definitely have him talking to the kid. They always felt calmer whenever he talked to them and sure enough corporate with him.

What makes a leader so convincing? I guess it's by the way he conduct himself at the appropriate time. Very rarely you see Horatio screamed at someone or raise his voice. It's like he always know what to do. Always.

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