My Birthday 2

Yay for creative title.

A day before my birthday my family + Steven brought us to hailam seafood located somewhere in the creek of klang

It is located behind a school. It feels like we're in kampung. Wait we are.

I suppose this is rather famous place to eat? I didn't really know but I like secluded finds.



OK now food.

Some lala herbal soup that is too spicy for my liking

I always dig the crabs. BBQ is awesome!

lala miihun

Can't remember what it is


This is aweseeeeeeeowm

That's it. I am too lazy to erm poke the google map for it so I'll just tell you where is it if you want to know. The following day is my birthday so I went to Jo's house because Yvonne is cooking dinner for us. Aha!

Then Jo brought the cake out. Whoala.

Nice cakes.

Since it's Jo's birthday to might as well.

Since it's Yvonne's birthday also so might as well.

Then after that Jo gave me some candles to blow. Real a lot. Haha no. She made my name with it. Cool right?

Then after that shoot lots of photo

A little strobist

This is probably lame

Yep I am officially 45 25

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Allen Tan 陈亚伦 said...

Floor jump is Hollywood trick.