Joleen's Birthday

Now, I know some of you wondered what I bought for Joleen. I bought her this

The LeSportSac Lily. Erm I don't know what series is this though. But LeSportSac is kinda like the niche market and only certain group of people knows how to really appreciate it. And I wish they'd have more of them around.

I bought this in one of 2 LeSportSac in Malaysia which is in Alamanda! =)

**Update: Oh it's a purse if you must ask...

Ok byes


Joleen said...

yes!!~~ And i like it very much :D

thanks thanks <3

Joleen said...

waiting for u to post ur own bday one hehehehe

:: J o h n :: said...

My one ar... maybe erm monday XD

♥~kimmy~♥ said...

is there any meaning behind buying this purse??

:: J o h n :: said...


Her purse is old and not nice haha

giovana@banana said... sweet! You should be a pro at buying girl's purse. You're good in choosing a nice one for Joleen.