Joleen's Birthday

So 25th of October is actually her birthday. As a good Fiance I just bring here wherever she wanted to.

We went Pavilion 1st because she was earlier than expected

We watched the Inglorious Basterds. I absolutely love this show. I love WW2 stories. Because they are well cleverly played.

Ok Camwhore abit.

I decided to bring her to erm what's this place call. Munakata in erm some complex that looks really old. Bangunan Life Building Somewhere along Jalan Sultan Ismail

I got to know this place from some blog. After randomly searching. I love random food places. The thing was, It suppose to have Ala Carte Buffet Jap food RM54++ per person.

When we got there though, they say they don't have buffet because they ran out of stock. Wooooooot? Sulks. Anyway We ordered some Shabu Shabu Beef Buffet in the end.

While waiting. This place is not famous at all. It is quite a hidden jem I would say. Place is not decorated, Simple Renovation.

However, there were quite a few Japanese expatriate and workers who would come and have their dinner or just chill out over a cup of sake and papers. So I suppose they food is really up to Japan standard.

Finally... Beef. We ate erm 2 and a half plate of this. =)

Girl Cooks?

Must hold something. Beef works!

Their service is top notch.(Except when ordering because they kinda assume you knew there were no buffet, and you're a regular) With their Kimono on, they'd check on you most of the time and she cooked porridge for us (that's the finale of steamboat?)

Anyway, if you'd like to try. Here's the map

Ok onward we go. So we hit Lookoutpoint after the dinner because she haven't been there.


Because there's not much to do beside looking at the hazy KL, We camwhored a lot and posed a lot WHOOHOO!

Always must start with this

Gotta keep track of pose. With names of course

No idea why the name but yea


This has to make the cut! This is official. I know carmen don't read my blog (or is it?) So whoever that can get her to comment on my blog with your name in the comments is gonna win 1x McFlurry! Hey car!

I kinda like this shot.

If you merge Michael Jackson and Mary Poppins

This was fun

I bought her flowers

Er no actually the flowers were from the cafe. Haha she shot this BTW

Due to unavailability of GPS I relied on my Google Map and wanted to throw the phone away. It is horrible ESP with it's horrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaandous 3G


You guys are like stocking me or addicted to plurk. Replying at lightning speed is WHOA. just WHOA.

Ok That's it. I shall update to facebook soon. When I erm feel like it. So you guys got exclusive view to the photos!


Joleen said...

i like my butt!! lolX

giovana@banana said...

I like every picture of you with John, Joleen! =D

frachely said...

eh bra u still look like a kid mwahahhaa

Mademoiselle Christine said...

JOHN! You gained weight too! High 5! :DD

Carmen said...

hey!!!! says hu tht's my pose!!! btw thx 4 lettin me noe fel...

Felicia Wee said...

when can i get it??? hahaha

giovana@banana said...

Haha....Carmen, it's immitation!