Lacking Growth

Madonna gave a speech at MTV music award. Well written, well rehearse. One thing she said stucked in my head. She said (not in exact words) whenever we grow up lacking something, we're always longing for them and chasing after them. For me it was a mother. For Micheal it was childhood. Watching This is it just reminded me how Madonna was right!

Micheal Jackson has brought joy and of course innovation and creativity to the whole world. His music is well recognized. He was alive for a brief moment. He was on screen for a brief moment, But through 'This is it' you can also see that he was a unique character. We always joke to say he is a kid stuck in an adult body. Which is true. The unusual fame hit him when he was a child and since then it rob his childhood away and till today, he is still looking for it.

When I grew up, I had a near perfect family. Lots of love and lots of freedom at the same time. I sort of didn't lack anything in my life except when we were struggling with money but still there was food on the table. The only things that I did not have are what other boys had. Electronic Gadgets. Hence it could probably explain my weird behaviour towards them. I have tons of them in my collection.

What about you? What did you lack when you grow up? Did you covert after it? Longed for it? Chasing after it?

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♥~kimmy~♥ said...

i think i did not grow up with all those entertainment while i was in highschool..

that's y right now.. still like high school kids.. going after all the artist.. haha..

but now better d.. unlike 3 years ago that crazy.. used to collect all their photos online, wallpapers, songs / albums, shows they acted on..

luckily haven't go to the stage of buying all original.. wuahaha..

Joleen said...

very nice show.. very in n hot uncle XD

Anonymous said...

Prob a proper family.