Hey guys,

Thanks for all the awesome wishes. You know who you are. Needless to say, I had a great time this year. But now I am quarter of a century as they always say. I have a lot of photos but just no time to put it up as yet because these few days is eventful.

Saturday was the 'surprise' dinner
Sunday was Joleen's birthday
Monday I went to Starbucks played minigore till my hand cramp (but its a good me time)
Tuesday I went to Hainan village somewhere in the middle of nowhere in klang with family
Wednesday I went to Joleen's house for dinner
Thursday needless to say I watch THIS IS IT - Awesome!
Friday - Prayer Meeting
Saturday - Youth and GRIMM Fairytales @ KLpac
Sunday - nada 0_0 (Maybe I'll put photos here)

Alrighty! Ciaoroz

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