Status Quo Band?

I have lost my passion for worship team (sorry Joe)(and sorry to anyone whom I offend I could take this no more)

There's no unity in the band. On any given time whenever I worship lead. There's at least 3 person swapping, and most of the time, they end up can't find anyone to replace. I am sure that happen to any other worship leader. What they don't realise that the team is one man short.

For some reason, I believe that neither of everyone will grow. because we do not have the passion to make serve. We do not have the passion to make time. We do not have anything. I like to compare ourselves with big names like Hillsong. And that's the standard we should be and set. When will we reach that?

Saturday is practice, Sunday is service. How hard can that be? We will NEVER REACH that if this goes on.

I know I give to the Audience of One. But I too am human. As if it is not enough facing a less-passionate people whom we suppose to lead but facing it behind me and in front of me takes a toll.

Status Quo.


♥~kimmy~♥ said...

i think sometimes ppl can't come for the prac on Sat was bcoz they want to have their life.. they want to hang out with friends too.. so they r kinda juggle btw serving and friends..

why not try to prac b4 service on sunday? that what my church is doing.. put aside the sound system and music instrument that we have to set up every week, i think we still doing quite alright..

i think is really the heart that matters..

Anonymous said...

Kim, I get where you are coming from, but i would say that sounds a lil bit like a cop-out tho. I mean if we are to strive for excellence, why cant we go all the way, yea, it is true, its the heart that matters, but that means also that our hearts should respond to God by giving our best. It is a sacrifice for all who is serving no doubt, but it is not in vain. I mean we shouldnt bring something that cost us nothing should we? and what more we are bring it to a God that will reward us? and I mean do we wanna do "just alright" for God?

Joe Lim

:: J o h n :: said...

Agree with Joe, Many just want to serve within their control.

Moreover this system has been there more than a year, clearly it is not new. If you say yes. we just started this new timing schedule then it is at least excusable.