And I've gotten a Fairlady Z

The Fairlady Z is one of my favourite car design of all times because it is just so sweet to look at. It's very sleek yet mean at the same time. Well, today, I got it!

My colleague gave it to me as Christmas present after borrowing it to me. It's an awesome micro RC that's like slightly bigger than a Ping Pall ball. It's cute too when it moves.

I got into the mood of shooting it after playing with it and decided to shoot it with my 50mm Pentacon at f6.3 and it is kinda awesome! I think though I frankly think it's not well calibrated! Oh well.

And oh heads up to my Kevin's revived blog at which you can see many of his cute baby picutre with me in it as well.

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Allen Tan 陈亚伦 said...

when shooting photos on babies, make sure no flash used or if used, be far away. The eyes might get blind.