Church Music

This is seriously one arty album. It's worth to pay extra if needed. Beside D: I guess I love DC*B as well. David Crowder is a nerd + geek. Good thing though, he is also a musician.

I love listening to albums as an album. I hate it when I have to shuffle between songs because frankly I am an OCD when it comes to music. I like listening to album as it is. Arranged according to it's tracklisting as the band wants you to hear. Let's put it this way. You won't want to read a chapter of a book and jump to another book read a chapter and jump to another book right? That is how it is with me and music.

The 1st time I heard Church Music I was hooked. It was like continuous all 76minutes of it. Track to Track. The last time they did this was in A-Collision where the album tells a whole story though David compared it to illuminate which is also quite accurate and it's like relating science to God and stuff in them which was pretty crazy.

Church Music isn't just any typical Church Music. It's full of electro rock as typical as DC*B is but more than that. It just tries to redefine Church Music.

The thing I like about DC*B is that he doesn't just write music for the sake of writing. He is a true artiste. The 1st half of the song all contains the statement 'being near to God', 'draw us nearer' In fact the the album start with the song call 'Phos Hilaron [Hail Gladdening Light]' which is like the oldest hymm that was ever in record that is still being sung today in old churches in which researchers say it is probably from the 2nd century.

The whole album is like a 'journey' sort. Think of it as reading a book, you won't get the full picture until you finish the whole book. You can't jump track either or else you'll get bits and pieces but not the whole story.

I have always wondered how they write songs which has been confirmed by this statement which I was right

Before we make a record, we sit down and make all the rules about it. We build an outline of what we want it to do, and then we follow the outline,” Crowder says. “That would be one of the structures that we followed, a traditional, orthodox church setting.
He is also word geek which probably plays boggle a lot haha. All the track thus far have been really quite creative and oh and check out this explanation about the song call 'Eastern Hymm'
we have reached the Middle Ages where the Pope has banned the tri-tone, the dreaded tri-tone - augmented fourth, diminished fifth - and declared it the Devil's interval. And in the chorus, granted you'd have to know music theory to catch most of the historical content but, the chorus sits on top of a tri-tone movement in the baseline, and it functions like a movement of four to five, but it's really an inversion of the five to four. It's a tri-tone.
I mean seriously. How can you not respect someone that goes that deep... into writing songs. Simply Genius. I have never encounter anyone that treats an album like a story book. It's just so abstract. You know.

There's a full lenghty interview which could get quite deep in I just love this album and it gotten a 5/5 for me I'd rate it 10/5!

All in all there's tons to unpack and everytime I hear them I'll unpack a little and it is just so rich as an album. It's like crazy.


In a semi-related note...

Because I listen to an album as a whole, it explains why I sometimes dislike certain artiste especially secular artiste. If I decide to follow a band, there must be a reason beyond musical taste. It has to be what they stand for... Sadly most of the artiste today stands for nothing but partying and sex.

it's not hard to find out what they stand for just listen to the entire album. you'll find out. Sometimes one song is nice doesn't mean they are nice. A classic example is Jason Mraz. I like his tune his singing and lyrics even but a listen through the album you'll find lyrics that are really 18sx max which is why I ditch his album as well.

Paranoid? yes. Reason? Standards.

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