Lay your weapon down.

Lay your weapon down.
There are no enemies in front of you ~ Jars of Clay.

So we are done with 3 wonderful APYAC conference and boy it took me back to HUGE camps where I was a the age of some of them. I scream as loud as I could in camps I screamed as vibrant as some of them and yet many years later, I wish to tell you that my pals are still hopefully still in love with Jesus, but I can't

I love how the speaker thought us to love and love others. Pastor Julie is a great woman of compassion. Not to boast but I do have a compassion heart most of the time but I have struggled with laziness which we should fix that.

But it breaks me whenever I see the poor, oppressed the unwanted the mentally ill wandering around. But what breaks me even more is when people jeered, sneered and tease and run away from it. Pastor Julie preached that we say we will go to the ends of the world but there are lonely people outside that we can't love. How can we say then we will go to the ends of the world?

I bring it further. There are lonely people IN our own church as well but we are not willing to help them, be a friend, be who we are called to be.

Our youths have been touched during the conference. So did I, but what matters is not how loud we scream or how high we jump or how badly we weep. If we do not love, we have rejected our core purpose as Christians...

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. - 1 Corinthians 13

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