Set us free Oh Lord.

I've just came back from APYAC. My 1st full conference. It has been quite exuberant. Receiving lots and lots.

There's 29 countries represented and it's just crazy even just thinking about it. I was truly touch by their numbers a lot especially those from the oppressed nation like Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Japan. Their testimonies and all are just crazy to even think of it. For those who have been to the Indochina, you've probably see how oppressed it is there. Everything seems to be under the power of Darkness.

It has just been crazy. Revival will start with them in their nations I believe. And Malaysia better buck up or we'll loose out. Frankly speaking, I think at this stage in point we are too arrogant as a nation as a whole. Those testimonies that were given out truly have bless me.

Oh Lord, Set us Free!

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