Cny 2006

Chinese New Year have always been a little boring over the period for the last few years... That's because I have no good relation with my relatives and cousin because of some stuff that happen so long ago haha

So as usual, I am home for CNY well it is a good time to rest and relax and be lazy.. oh yes!! well I watched fearless and my kung fu sweetheart which is quite stoopid and lame but it was funny though haha. I watched with my family so yea that's worth while.

Currently, I am quite loaded with Ang pows because everyone just want to give alot I guess.. so I am just loaded la..thanks to all the ang pow givers.. and my 1st big pay cheque is quite paid off so i am more loaded I just don't know what to do with the money, I want to buy stuff but then have to save for hillsong..

The town is really dead. u can picnic in the middle of the road.. that's for sure la.. haha I practically stayed home or chill at other people's home for the pass few weeks.. I can't wait for delirious man.. wooooohoooo they are coming and it is going to be a explotion.. Read edwin's mail about parachute festival.. I wish I could go there man they are so so so good hahah good event.. well gtg sleep it is late

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