dancing in the river

Delirious fever is still inside me, probably it has always been there, I can never get sick of hearing delirious over and over again.

They were here on Febuary the 2nd, but now it is almost june.. and I am still pretty much influenced by them a lot. Not so much from mission bell, but their old albums... which has much influence on me... I can never get tired from listening to the same lyrics and tune.. perhaps the tunes are never boring... I don't know

Access d: which is one album not available here in Malaysia, it is the live album of delirious and it is really full of guitar rock and lines whatever you call it. their music are never dull you know I certainly haven't got over it after I guess more than 30 times spun the cd from beginning till end.

Martin smith is the man when it comes to vocal, his voice is just too much for me. One key I learn about worship leading is that you got to get your songs as high as possible, that would ensure your people sing LOUD enough and that you SOUND good and not lazy...

I could talk endless about the band, they flow as a band, no flaws in transaction and coordination, do you know how hard is it to do that? and they build up music like crazy really good at.. GETTING YOU!!... well access d: is the cd to get, I got mine copy, which is with a friend of mine in the states now, she'll be back end of july, and I can't wait to get that album.. ALRIGHT!

everytime I feel down or no mood, I'll blast delirious man.. and today, is one of those days...


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