What a summer let down

What a summer let down I was expecting good summer blockbuster and so far, NONE... I have been watching movie everyweek haha release after realease just imagine the movie don't get to sit in THX for 8 days haha that's odd yea I know,

it KICKED off with MI:3.. well MI was pretty ok, a lot of actions and big boom which is what the audience wants, BIG BOOM!!! but it is action nonetheless, I got to say, Tom was a very good actor, by far, the one I really liked.. he can play different roles and his emotion is real tense..

Good actor, storyline well its alright, action is superb and of course good turn around, but again, not that movie that I would really want to watch again. so yea.


Poseidon I would say it is a very good directed movie, which in my eyes is wowing. haha NOPE i have not watched the one in the 80's and to me the show is awesome... well for those who have the fear of water (hydrophobic) this show is really scary haha. Because I did not expect much from this movie, and it turned out good, I am going to give this as a good movie.. haha so not fair. :P

Da Vincci Code
hur? Did you just screened the show? Is that all? I enjoy watching the counter documentary more..

Erm where's the x dude? this one is fresh in my mind because I just watched it. it is really a boring boring boring show, with the 1st and the 2nd a big bang! The first was cool because we get to see all the characters for the 1st time, it was awesome... and the story was cool. the 2nd one is cool because still all the cool cool move that people never think about.. like nightcrawler and some other characters like pyro and iceman in action.

The 3rd was lame, Scott Summers appeared for 2 minutes and got Killed, Professor X got killed by his own student (well technically the half-student) and the student, got killed by someone who loved her. that is all alright you know focusing on emo emo but if you want to make it like that, do it all the way, not like a liltle bit by bit and then over

mystique was CURED and Magneto just. sorry you are not one of us anymore.. bye.. dude what was that? and when charles got murdered he did not even help. haha aih very lame show la.

i heard over the hedge is nice i think i am going to watch that next. :p

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watch with me !!!!!!

i no life ler.. watch 47 among 160+ movie nia.... =(