The 12th time

well the 12th time for the church the 11th time for John. what am I talking the annual camp of coz.. all my life in HPA the one camp i missed was the one in Casa Rocado the 1st year.. that was my only year that I missed it entirely..

but this camp was pretty awesome, as in accomodation and food it was awesome, din expect much of either of it but it turn out to be cool, the rooms are alright, the deco well abit out somewhere, but its their concept so yea.. what can I say about that. the FOOD oh mi gosh the food was like superb. well kinda alright la except some dishes were not that great but generally it is alright, the water as usual, chlorined, ugh hate that so we went out to buy haha visited some familliar site over 5 years ago.. in PD.

well every single camp you can just hear people saying,, I din expect much of it or "it just another camp" and returning full, it is like a cycle where everything repeats itself... -_- as for me, I think it is just another camp and a great one indeed, what really struck me was of course the 5 thing, don't curse nurse reherse.. yea so that was really exciting part of it of the word.
worship was awesome, when it was my turn to worship lead wah.. guess what ... sang a couple of delirious song, haha and fuse afew brigdes together.. wow... just wow haha

as for the rest of the time haha play play pllay la
whatelse get thrown ino the pool. volleyball, rummykub, captain ball and so on we had alot of fun together as a group.. amen.. miss y'all

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