I am...

I am well kind of tired of getting to people helping people out and this sort of things, nothing better to do, but in the end sometimes it is just a waste of effort, why should I help? why should I do anything about helping anyway?

I am not saying this so I don't want to help anymore, but it is much so that those that want help would find me anyway, right? I got the philosophy, those that are closest to you sometimes just seems to be the furthest, it is true right? I mean i have alot of friends, how many are real friends that would come and help in times of trouble? few. most don't come to me, I have to go to them and do things up... what's this thing about friendship and dicipleship anyway?

I am quite tired of just giong around finding people that need help, bottom line is that, you need help then you know where I am, if you don't need fine.. just fine...


it was a good match today, Germany and Costa Rica put up a good show 1st match, crucial one... =) tmr ENGLAND!! oh yes.. anhyway its late night

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