I am going to go day by day but I'll just highlight and not full detail kinda entry, coz it is too long... =)

infact I am just going to do a summary of the entire trip because it would be too long to blog and you will get bored.


Hillsong church is great, I like their resource centre and building architecture, very nicely done and it is so cool just to be there, can you imagine you have to fight for a seat? and be there 2 hours before the service just to line up and book seats? that's crazy. People use all sorts of methods, from the jacket to stickers just to reserve seats.

Their worship you have to get use to it because it moves very fast and most of the times its only 4 songs and you have to get use to their short worship because it is what is required. funny eh? from a church that have impact the world's churches with inspiring worship song and yet only have 20 minutes of worship.. yea that's one thing that is lacking in it. But they all are superb.

The audience is even more amazing because they sang it so passionately even when they know the sequences, and that they probably sang it a couple of hundred of times, not mentioning that they have heard it on their CDs. that is what is lacking in Malaysia, with all the variety of worship and yet people just do not want to sing. But it is a good experience nontheless


This year's conference is Huge! with a lot of popular speakers and those that are not. Well not to us at least, I am amazed by Matthew Barnnet, Louie Giglio, Charlotte Scanlon Gambill, Brian Houston, Reinhard bonke, Darlene Zchech, Christine Caine.. Wow quite a number of them actually just blew my mind apart.

The worship again is same as what hillsong normally does. short and repeatative hahaha. but to chase after speakers is a crazy thing to do we have to walk at least 10 minutes if it is at the far side, if you are that lucky then it would all in the main arena, but well we are not that lucky haha. that is just one tiring walk, if you want to get to point A to B then to C then back to A all in a few hours time. After that you just want to eat dinner and sleep.

We have to pack lunch everyday and it is sandwhich... We'll eat during workshop, when we are walking and in between breaks which there is not much time. we'll also play a lil soccer and stuff like that, But at the end of the day it is all worth while..

I am just truly amazed by the volunteers, they suffered the most because they have to sacrifies themselves and most of the times often missed the services and sermons but they willing to avail themselves in helping people out, and that's what I am going to learn from. There is one guy especially he stands near the parking area and every morning will just smile and just SAYING "GOOD MORNING, HAVE A NICE DAY" to everyone and basically everyone have to pass by him... man every day w/o fail he will do that. Some of the mornings I feel very very tired and like dragging myself and everytime after "meeting" him I feel all energetic again. its just like.. "hey this is a nice day, why not enjoy it?" kinda day and when the conference end, when everyone is like packing and going off he stills give that big smile and just say, BYE, see you next year... wow... just wow me...


well they say that sydney is the most beautiful city in the world, I have to say that, YEP it is.. even when I didn't get to travel all around the world, and just been to singapore, but I can say, yes they are truly a beautiful city indeed.

Everything is well decorated, planned out and just nicely designed. everything is about design. LANDSCAPE.. just think putrajaya x 10. It is just awesome. Everything is structured according to the sun and sun set? I guess it was meant to be that way. Just walk around and you'll know what I am talking about. It is insanely beautiful... the sun set wow.

We went to Manly Island as well, and the beach is so clear and not like dirty. it is so nice and the wind breeze is just cooling. I love that area, think i'll stay there if I go australia it is just secluded enough. the beach is full of people but the area is very nice. Their fish and chips is crazy man... words can not describe that feeling. I HAVE TO GO BACK THERE AGAIN!!! haha... just to eat that fish and chips.. =)

alright I think that's enuff experience for one long entry.. I miss australia lifestyle, the kick back and relax... and I miss the cooling weather over there. And of course the church culture that hillsong has. that's about it that I miss, I am going back there again, but when?

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