Being "+++++"

Joleen commented that my blog is always so sad, and ask that would I blog something more happy.

So I gave it a thought and think I have became too negative.
We always should look at the brighter side of things
Where is God in the picture?
Where is God?

Well, I started my portfolio (that's a good thing) and getting out of holiday mood. Although I am slow, but we'll get there. Slow and Steady. Its just that I really have a lot messy stuff going on and I don't really know what I want, but I think now I do.. so Help me God. To get to where YOU want me to be.

Ah so my package from UK arrives, yes yes, I have been buying too much Cds and Delirious? stuff. But you know, as I grew older, my taste grew with me.. But Delirious have always been a favourite of mine for quite a while. Since Deeper, Revival Town, History Maker.

I remember us the "wannabes" crashing at Minjun's house playing D: Johanan on Bass, Weeling/Juping on Keyboard, I am on E guitar, Minjun on drums and we jam without a vocalist, sad to say, that didn't went too well, we didn't even finish one song, but those were the days! we play without aim!!!

Delirious is always special to me, and especially after seeing them LIVE in KL and LIVE in HILLSONG, it is hard not to like them. it is just something unique and something that I can't really tell, I can relate a lot to their song, but mostly I just think it is because of the Beautiful Lyrics. so meaningful. You can't blame Martin because he likes LITRETURE!!!

And so came the collections, So far the albums I have

-King of Fools *I got the tape, but it spoiled
-Glo *gave it to a friend, with a sig on the disc.. kinda regreted
-Hillsong + D
-World Service
-The Mission Bell
-Deeper *Compilation of D: songs
-Access D: * The live album that you can't get here ;)
-Archive D: * The DVD by D:

and all those singles that is in my previous post haha

Well, I want to get the World Service limited edition, their LIVE DVD, and some other studio album =)


they ran out of the TIN CANS ones.. sigh

its a see thru case!!

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