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Wow, it has been a full good day yesterday, Well it started kinda like a no mood day, and quite bad haha, why do I always have this kind of feeling everyday? haha.

Anyway, Joleen asked me a several times whether I want to go to Doulos ship or not, well I kept saying like see 1st.. But yesterday I just said ok la, Since I don't really like doulos because they last time I came back home empty handed but full of expectation. But I have no problem going to doulos since there is not much to do.

Anyway, turns out that I am really greatful to Jo who asked me to go there, the 1st thing that caught my eye are one bunch of Cds I say like. Hey!! they looked kinda familiar, they look like... DELIRIOUS? SINGLES and EP!! whoa.... then I looked at it again and again, Doulos have their own pricing system, since they travel everywhere so yea they count by units. it is written there 100 units = RM8

So i look at the price tag... it is like....... like..... like.... I have to look again because I could not believe what I see.... its 25 unit for 1cd. WOW... now do your maths... 25 unit = RM2 wuahaha I think I am the happiest man on board!!! oh yea what the heck right it is only Singles ( meaning only 2-3 songs in one album) But haha I think I have quite a complete set of delirious CDs now haha. owh yea there is 7 different singles there so guess how many I toke? all 7 la DUH hahahahahahaha.

1st of all Malaysia don't even sell Singles, 2nd of all it cost 2 pound for 1 singles if I would to buy it online. I hope they come back next time bringing newer singles like paint the town red or you know I could sing.. haha =) Adios

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