Back aching, Head spinning, Finger hurting..

All this for a king..

Today is one of those days that I am really on form, and it is also also those days that we have long worship through-out prayer meeting and I am playing the electric guitar.

And yes, I am feeling like what my nick says.. I already not really enough sleep, plus long hours of computing and then long hours of standing up makes me crazy now woo hoo.. but all this is for a King... JESUS...

We played Mighty to Save today and the riff part is kinda hard to play because it stretch throughout a few fret.. I did that quite ok during practice, but wasn't like really good during worship. I played the wah thingy on the second verse.. sounds good man.! haha but oh well... that's just copying some other musician.

Right now, we have another project... own produce double CD and it is going to take a long long time to get it done. I only have one song in mind now and this is no no no good. Debb and Chris both got 4-5 songs which is good.. I have like one.. so altogether i got like 8 songs in mind.. haha cool.!! oh well... ;)

i think i gotta do the portfolio before i sleep, yes! I am insane!!!

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Rei said...

weiz bra really bo simikz langz leave comment worz.. kolianz tai haha~