Out at Home

This week has been a rather quiet week for me, I have taken much time off to stay home and to finish my portfolio, So i can go look for job.

I have done quite some bit like getting most part of the portfolio side up. I have 7 sections to my portfolio and frankly speaking, I've done 2. I am hoping to do up at least 4 today and I think that is possible..

I think I have to sleep less now to get it done so that I can summit it by sunday for checkups. uh. anyway I am not taking a lil time off to write because I think keep doing is bad. I am kinda tired by looking at this screen for a long long time..

I need to look at some greeneries soon.. haha...

I also broke someting that I tried. I listen to d: again haha. I think there are very lilttle band that are their standards. I have been listening to my other favourite bands like David Crowder and Hillsong... David Crowder is a genious I would call him that. in terms of his song arrangement, song title so on. till today I am still discovering things that I haven't seen on the CD cover.. man...

HAH! I wouldn't call myself a fanatic.. haha just a fan would do.. ;) back to work..

oh wait. look at greeneries 1st ;)

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