The recording goes into full swing, but I faced several problems, like coordinating everyone to participate in the recording, that's one big headache... so I push all the cordinating and scheduling to joe, I would say that it is pretty much ok and I like the setup, basically not everyone is willing to stay back late to record, and those are willing, can't

But I will figure something out to bend around the rules ;) hahaha I basically like the outcome, even when we sing like toad, and some have better voice sing like a better sounding toad, but at the end of the day, THIS IS US... Like it or not, THIS IS US! I guess this outcome is better as a present, coz he'll remember us for a long long time lol

Alright.. signing out... go watch some tv~


Anonymous said...

yup...willing but can't..
toad??that's funny man...
wanna hear all the songs if the CD is done..k!! :)


angeliCassie said...

he knows he's a toad