Have U ever wonder

I don't think there are a lot of people does self reflecting as much as I did.. no kidding!! when I am alone, I think about me, when people are sad, i'd think what I did... when people response. I think about me, when things are fine, I think about me.. when things are bad, I think about me.. me me me me

well basically the thing most about me is that I am quite a TASK ORIENTED person, I am very weak at people oriented.. not to say I can't communicate with people, its just I have a very bad humour... Studies shows that I am a high S person.. a person that is stable, steady..submissive

The only way I use to communicate people are usually very strong, often I try to teach and lecture a lot, which I like to do, I like to learn more knowlege and in turn teach it to someone else.. that's sometimes the reason why my gf is so mad at me... because I can't communicate properly, for others, its alright

I have no idea how else would I communicate.. that's so bad.. uh.. bad uh.... well its all alright, I am preaching again, something that should be my confidence, coz I like to lecturer right.. this saturday I am going to preach, u know sometimes I would love to have my gf there whenever I am serving... that's something that I desire to have someday, because that is a big encouragement to me, its always like whenever my dad goes somewhere else to preach, my mom would follow... and when I was younger I use to follow, that's the greatest encouragement,
hehe.. the time will come...

peace out..


Rachel said...

Self-reflecting (n): an action of focusing too much on oneself, commonly known as SELF-CONSCIOUS

--- extracted from The RACHELford Dictionary, v.2006


Anonymous said...

or can also mean self centredness :-P

Daniel Ang said...

eh, it's good what, whatever u do has to be 'me'.
at least you dont go away with all the 'yous'.
that's what i call self-centred.

that time will come... why not just ask her to go? at least make the time come faster.

Christine Soh said...

the time will come and i'll wait along together with cifu (:

Anonymous said...

E... jus giving me pressure -.-"""" sweat..
this saturday i might not free de ler.. got church video to do


angeliCassie said...

you have no idea how to communicate?...it's okay...you can take lessons from me =p